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Hey just sent a prompt but have another!  Lilo and Ziallarry are at home with pregnant Harry and Liam again. Liam has twins at 7 months while Harry at 8 months. However Harry gets bad mood swings, and is tired a lot. And Liam with really bad morning sickness, in pain and always tired all the time. Harry goes off on Liam.

Hey, so weirdly this anon sent this to my personal, and while being so free during thanksgiving, I wrote it, and have posted it up on my blog, found under one shots! Go check it out

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Hey guys, sorry for not updating for a month. Kelli was a bit busy and I forgot the username so… :) but we’re back now!
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I will continue them. I’m just going to revise them and finish them up and post them on my personal. At least I feel like they’ll be safer there.


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dear kelli i left you a message in the mpreg blog but then read that you left it so i don't know if you saw it, it goes like this... Dear kelli, noooooooooooooooooo DONT TAKE DOWN YOUR ZIALL NOR YOUR LOUIS AND DON'T JUST PUT AN END TO THEM LIKE THAT DONT LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY THEY ARE STUPID AND IDIOTS AND IMBECILES AND TYGHJKHDUO YOU ARE MY FAVORITE IN THE MPREG BLOG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORIES (1/2)

I’m sorry! I took them off of that blog. Since they were the incomplete ones, I didn’t just want them sitting there.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m not really sure I deserve them right now, but they are cheering me up immensely.


I am a new One Direction Mpreg blog. Shoutout? <3 Love you.

You two are great writers! Keep up the great work. (:

Thanks, love! I needed that. I actually was thinking of giving up writing because someone had been taking one of my stories from the mpreg blog and posting it somewhere else claiming it was hers, but I figure that if my writing is good enough to steal then why stop? Hahaha! Ashley and I love you! (:


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Larry and Lilo. So basically Liam and Louis are together, (write about Liam throughout the pregnancy) and Liam is 1 month preg. But he notices how Harry and Louis are together. He spys on them. Finds out Louis is cheating on him. Just make it longg! Please! Thank you in advanced

Alrighty so this is my very first writing, and even though it was one of the later prompts I liked it, so I decided it would be better to write a prompt that I liked than one that was forced :) hope you guys like it!


Liam woke up all sweaty and uncomfortable, one morning next to his loving boyfriend. He looked around and realized that it must have been just a nightmare so he decided to lay back down. He looked to the side and saw his beautiful boyfriend with closed eyes, just so you couldn’t see his lovely brown eyes. Then as he was about to fall back asleep he felt hot, and cold. He quickly ran into the bathroom, only to empty all the contents into the toilet. After what felt like ages, he returned to his room and fell quickly asleep.

            The next morning Liam woke up next to an empty bed. When he went down the stairs he saw Louis, in a white T-shirt and shorts. Then on the couch sat Niall and Zayn who were in a relationship, and Harry was nowhere to be found. Liam came up to a cooking Louis and gave him a little hug and a kiss on the lips. As the aroma of bacon and eggs hit him, he quickly became nauseous again. He then heard footsteps behind him, most likely Louis’. His strong arms wrapped around Liam and began rubbing his back. Niall and Zayn came in a few moments later and asked Louis if there was anything they needed. Louis told them to grab a bottle of water and a wet towel. Niall came back with what was asked and they arraged a doctor’s appointment for they were about to start their tour soon, so all sickness should be dealt with.

            That afternoon Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn drove up to the hospital. While Zayn and Niall stayed outside in the waiting room, Louis and Liam were very concerned. The doctor had run some tests and hadn’t come in for awhile. However, as if right on cue, the doctor came in with an unexplainable expression.

“I have some news, good and bad; the first one depends on which way you want to take it.” The doctor stated. “Which would you like first?”

Louis looked into Liam’s eyes, a million thoughts running through each other’s heads. They could easily tell what each other wanted for they have had bad times with knowing the bad first. “Good.”

The doctor looked at them and blankly stated, “Liam, congratulations! Your 4 months pregnant!”

Liam looked surprised while Louis began crying at the sudden shock. The doctor left and Louis and Liam looked at each other. They were tears of happiness though. Suddenly Niall and Zayn walked in. Liam and Louis didn’t need to talk to each other about this because with such caring families and brothers, they would be able to make it through. Plus they were always talking about getting married one day and starting a family.

They all stopped at a nice restaurant to get some food. However Louis stayed back to call Harry and tell him to meet him at the restaurant to tell him the news. Then they called Louis’ and Liam’s families to tell them the exciting news. When they all arrived they sat down and a conversation quickly began. When everyone finished eating Louis and Liam decided that it was the right time to tell them.

Louis begins, “So I just want to thank everyone for coming down to join Liam and I, for we have great news.We are going to be parents!”

Liam’s parents as well as Louis’ mom began to cry of happiness. Handshakes and hugs were exchanged with Liam and Louis. However one person, Harry, Liam distinctively remembered didn’t have a smile on his face. He looked rather upset for the couple. When it was getting late, Louis ushered Liam back home to get some rest for his 2 most favorite people in the world. However it was really 3 people he loved because deep inside he had feelings for someone else and this was the worst timing. He didn’t know what to do. He thought to himself, ‘What am I going to do?’

Since it was night and everyone was tired, he decided to just go to bed with Liam and just think about it the next morning.

The next morning started out the same way as the day before. Liam woke up with a nauseating feeling. He quickly walks into the bathroom. After emptying his stomach he put some clothes on. Then he goes downstairs to make everyone breakfast, for yesterday was a long day!

As he pulled out the eggs, milk, orange juice, toast, he heard movements upstairs, most likely the guys waking up. Moments later, a rustling of feet came downstairs and made their way into the kitchen. They all plopped down in their designated seats and waiting for Liam to put down the plates, just like every other morning. As everyone finished eating they did their normal routine, look at the calendar. Today was their day off!!!

Being the childish kids they are they decided to go to the amusement park. Also being the forgetful kids, they forgot that Liam was pregnant. Thankfully Liam being the daddy, told them that he wasn’t feeling too good and was going stay home and pay the bills, so he could go to sleep later, as before he used to go to sleep at about 3 just to finish everything and talk to management about what was going to happen in the next few months. The boys were a little hesitant but Liam quickly pushed Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis out the door and told them to have fun, for they might not be able to after he gets moody and too big to do things on his own. They left and he quickly began doing house chores and stuff he normally did. He played a some of the wanted songs, and some coldplay.

            It soon became dark and just as everything was swept and mopped and even dinner cooked, Niall and Zayn, came running into the house. I was raining so they were soaked. He asked where Harry and Louis were, and they answered that they said they were going to come home earlier about an hour ago. Liam responded that they haven’t come by yet.

            Liam noticed their tiredness showing so gave them their dinner first and let them go to bed while he waited. At about 1:30 in the morning, as he sat on the couch almost about to fall asleep, he heard a squeak of the door open and close. He slowly got up, hoping for Louis and Harry, but knowing the way they open and close the door was a little bit noisier, walked closer to the noise.

            As he turned on the lights a scream shook the house. It was just Louis, Harry, and Liam. A sigh of relief ran through their mouths.

            Liam asked, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you guys, just the way you opened and closed the door was different so I though it was someone different. Anyways before  you guys think that I’m going to get mad, don’t be because I was just sitting on the couch relaxing. It was rather nice but please tell me where you were? I was getting scared and hoping that nothing went wrong. Niall and Zayn told me that you were supposed to arrive home an hour before they left.”

            Harry and Louis’ faces were blank, as if they were trying to make up lies in their heads. It seemed as though they didn’t know what to say, and they couldn’t speak the truth…


Its not done, but tell me if you want me to continue the prompt. I kinda made it long and it still hasn’t fulfilled the prompts question :l Got a little carried away but I hope you guys like it! :)


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I was just reading through all the prompts that we got (all 45 of them) and they’re either really angsty or really smutty. You naughty readers. You know my weaknesses. Twelve of them involve Liam though so those are Ashley’s.

Also, Anon who sent the one about Niall and Louis in car crash? I’m going to kill you. That fucked up my feels for the night.

Night, guys! Filling more tomorrow when I wake  up! (:


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Zouis. Zayn keeps making fun of Louis' height all day at the arena and says something before the show and leaves. Louis is alone and starts crying and Niall comforts him. Zayn feels horrible and makes it up to him and explains why he loves him and his height. Super explanatory reasons on why he loves him and i want tons and tons of fluff. I WILL LOVE YOU FOR ETERNITY

"Keep moving, hobbit." Zayn teased Louis.

"Oi! I’m not that much shorter than you!" Louis pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.

"A couple of inches is just enough for me to make fun of you." Zayn ruffled his hair and continued the sound checks.


Fifteen minutes till show time and Zayn and Louis were sitting in their dressing room waiting for their cue. Louis was pacing around running through the little bit of choreography they had and trying to make sure he was ready. Zayn was on his phone scrolling randomly and laughing.

"What’s so funny?" Louis asked from his imaginary dance studio.

Zayn looked over and smiled at the boy. “Nothing. Go back to whatever you were doing, woodland creature.” With that, he stood and headed towards the door.

Once he was alone, Louis let his shoulders slump and the tears begin to fall. He didn’t understand why Zayn was being so mean with all the height jokes today. He had been called midget, hobbit, dwarf, woodland creature, and even tumbalina. Louis was tired of it.

"Hey, Zayn! I was wonderin- Louis? What’s wrong mate?" Niall asked as he walked into the room.

Louis just shook his head and started sobbing louder.

Not really knowing what to do, Niall wrapped his arms around the older boy and tried to help him. It takes ll the time left before the show to finally get Louis to stop crying and work on his make up so doesn’t look like he had a small breakdown backstage.


Zayn’s not stupid. He can see the red edges around Louis’ eyes the entire concert. He can tell the shorter boy has been crying. He can also see the worried glances that Niall is shooting him.

Once the concert is over and everyone is in their dressing rooms, Zayn asks Louis what’s up. The answer surprises him.

"Can you please not talk to me? I’m so tired of your short jokes and insults. I can barely look at you without seeing red."

"Huh? That’s why you’re upset?" Zayn sounds generally surprised. He thought they were funny. "I didn’t mean to make you angry, Lou. I was just trying to have some fun."

"Well, they weren’t fun for me."

Zayn walks over and pulls the (slightly) shorter boy into a quick embrace. “I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I absolutely love your height.”

Louis scoffs. “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

"Am not. I love that your height is just right so that you can lean your head against my chest and I can rest mine right on top like it’s the most natural thing in the world."

Louis sniffled and did just that. He snuggled into Zayn’s embrace and laid his head on the darker man’s front.

"I love that when we fight, you have to stand on your tiptoes to get in my face and yell at me. I love that when I’m walking behind you, all I have to do is bend down a little a whisper in your ear. I love that you have to jump a little when I’m holding something above my head because you just can’t reach it. I just love you, Lou."

"What?" Louis pulls back and looks up at the dark haired boy.

Zayn bit his lip and a look of nervousness flitted across his eyes. “I said I love you. I just tease you about your height because it’s really adorable the way you blush and get all defensive about it.”

Louis smiled. “I love you too, Zayn.”

With that, he pushed himself up on his tiptoes and pressed his lips against the slightly ones’ of his band mate.

Zayn’s arms wrapped around the boy’s waist to hold him at that height so they never had to part… Well, at least until they absolutely needed to.


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a ziall based on "Clarity" (by Zedd) lyrics. It should include sex (Niall bottoms), cannabis and romance :)

Niall walked into the living room of Zayn’s flat and tossed the rolling paper and pre-made roaches onto the coffee table before heading into the kitchen and seeing his boyfriend chopping something  and the counter.

Niall walked up behind him and snaked his arms around the skinny waist. He placed his hands over the darker ones and helped cut the ten grams into just enough for a few joints for the night.

"How many are you doing tonight?" Zayn’s voice came deep and rumbled through his frame making Niall shiver.

"Cut enough for two for me. How much are you doing in each one?" Niall mumbled into the white fabric of Zayn’s shirt.

"A gram in each. Do me a favour and get the bags, yeah?" Zayn said as he continued to cut the drugs into enough for each. "You want one for the morning?"

"Let’s just share one. We have interviews tomorrow and a full one for each of us will be a bad idea." Niall replied as he searched the kitchen for small ziplock bags that Zayn kept around for this.

"Sounds good to me." He put down the knife and took the bags from the blond’s hands and bagged half of the ten grams away for another night. Picking up the cutting board that he only ever used for the weed, he carried it with one hand and laced his fingers through Niall’s with his free hand and walked them out to his living room.

Niall sat down on the couch and leaned over the coffee table and began pulling the small sheets out of the box. He reached forward and dragged the roaches closer to him so he could place them where needed.

After the boys rolled five joints in total, Zayn grabbed one and left to go get the lighter from his bedroom and to place the last joint on the bedside table where it would be easy to reach in the morning.

Returning to his boyfriend, he picked up a joint and placed it between his lips and quickly lit it before handing Niall the lighter and watching as the Irishman placed his own joint in place and lit the end of it.

They sat there quietly for awhile just taking drag after drag of their escape.

After their first joint of the night was done, Niall’s eyes were slightly red and his pupils were slightly dilated, but he wasn’t quiet there yet. Zayn looked like he barely had smoked anything. Since he had been doing this a lot longer than his blond counterpart it took a little more to get him to that point.

"Why don’t people think we work as a couple? I think we’re great." Niall asked half way through his second joint.

"It’s because we don’t do normal couple shit. We don’t go on dates and we don’t celebrate our anniversary." Zayn took a quick drag letting the feeling of loosening up spread through him. "This is what are dates include of. Weed, sex, and more weed."

"But we love each other. Why can’t they see that?" Niall furrowed his brow and stared down at his hands.

Zayn took one last drag before finishing his second joint and putting out the last little bit. “Because we got together while we were high as fuck and they think it’s only a convenience thing.”

Niall huffed and finished his as well before crawling across the couch and straddling the tan boy’s lap. “This isn’t convenience. You make everything make sense.”

Zayn laughed as he ran his fingers through the blond hair. “That made absolutely no sense to me.”

Niall frowned. “I mean that like you make me feel sane. I don’t know. Everything is ten times clearer when I’m with you.”

"Well then the drugs aren’t doing their job correctly."

Niall punched his shoulder lightly before leaning down and pressing his lips against Zayn’s. The kiss quickly escalated and the next thing the two boys knew, they were in Zayn’s room on the bed and panting heavily into each others mouths.

Niall lay on the bed with Zayn hovering over him. “Please. I need you. Please, Zayn. I need you, babe.” Niall could hear himself talking, but couldn’t register that he was talking.

Zayn was on him in seconds. Lips were pressed against each other and his hands on the blond’s sides. His fingers ripped at the buttons on Niall’s shirt and sent them tumbling to the floor in his haste.

The Irishman couldn’t process everything at once and just laid there and let Zayn ravish him.

It wasn’t until the darker man was inside of him that Niall’s brain fully registered what was happening. The feel of Zayn pulling out of him and slamming back in kept the boy conscience and kept the pleasure from his drug induce high from wearing to quickly. He could feel his boyfriend cumming inside of him and felt the slow slide as he pulled out of him for good that time.

Zayn shifted his weight and collapsed next to his drugged up lover. It was silent for awhile, just their breaths mixing in the late evening air before Zayn rolled to face the beautiful boy next to him and placed a sweet and slow kiss on his lips.

"I love you, Niall. So much more than I ever tell you."

"I know." Niall yawned and cuddled up to his boyfriend’s chest. "Just hold me and let’s go to sleep. We have to be up in seven hours to get ready."

Zayn smiled before pulling the boy closer and drifted off to sleep.

-Kelli (Hope that was okay. I was having trouble incorporating the words.)

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